About Us

BrimGuard™ and DripGuard™ are a cost effective solution providing “at a glance” identification while enhancing a professional corporate image. The durable and reusable silicone hard hat accessory stretches over the brim without the use of adhesives and does not affect the integrity of the hard hat.

     HI-VIZ provides true 360° reflectivity that exceeds ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 for night retro reflectivity.

     ID provides standardization of one color hard hat to identify short service personnel, seasoned employees, contractors, visitors, etc.

  • Cost Effective First Line Implementation for a Secure Environment
  • Color Coded Solution for Visitor Control, Access Management, and Safety
  • ID Colors are Visible at a Distance and in Inclement Weather
  • Enhances Professional Corporate Image
  • Durable Silicone and Reflective Material is Fire, ESD, and Solvent Resistant
  • Easy to Install and Fits Most Hard Hats
  • Easy to Remove to Inspect the Hard Hat for Damage
  • Beaded Brim Directs Rain Away From Face
  • Protects Hard Hat from Damage